Great things to do in Lake Charles and SW Louisiana

Romantic Things to Do in Lake Charles, LA
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Originally, this was done so that haints or spirits would not be trapped and could pass on to the beyond. However, a bonus side effect of having these structures resemble the sky in color is that spiders and birds would not nest up under them. These costumes are spectacular, bursting with color and Ostrich feathers. Our tour guide Adley Cormier relayed to us the history of the festival with an endearing passion. And we washed it all down with great beer from local brewery, Abita.

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There is no shortage of colorful adventures to be had in Southwest Louisiana from cultural events to the great outdoors, live entertainment and casino gaming. Discover all of the fun things to do in Lake Charles: casinos, museums, parks, fishing, birding, You will hit the jackpot in Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana.

Boudin would be akin to taking a spicy cabbage roll stuffing and balling it up and then deep-frying it. After eating all that I still had bigger fish to fry, or in this case boil. My curiosity of this local delicacy had my interest peaking. Throughout Louisiana, there are many rice farms. These rice farms often double as swampish crawfish farms.

Crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, mudbugs. Mudbugs indeed. Driving up to the take-out window and ordering two hurricane daiquiris to go IS the way to go while in Louisiana.

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However there is something novel about getting an alcoholic drink to go…to a party where one can then enjoy it, and then take a cab home. Falling in Love with the Big Easy. Big thanks to Bran and Dave for a great article. It looks like a destination that is good all year round, not just for Mardi Gras, but for anytime! Great photos. Hi there!

Lake Charles is awesome!

They are known as the festival capital of Louisiana. So many fun things to do and see.

9 Epically Fun Things to Do in Lake Charles, LA For The Best Trip Yet

If i am ever in the are area i will check some of these places out for sure. Great photos. I tried Boudin last year and loved it. Oh my, that outfit from the Mardi Gras musuem is absolutely stunning. I think that would be a very fun place to visit. Boudin and Beaches? Sign me up! Lake Charles is a great place to visit and I need to get back there some time. Sounds like it would be a nice extended weekend getaway trip. Beautiful pictures! This looks like a beautiful place to visit.

I would love to take a trip here. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics! All of that looks like it was so much fun! I could use a nice big fluffy bed like that right now! We have definitely seen the signs for Lake Charles before. Subscribe to the newsletter. Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin 98 shares. Comments Wow! I have never been. Looks like a fun place to visit! I love all the culture and history you found.

The trail spans many miles as it twists its way through Lake Charles and the surrounding towns. The 27 stops on the Boudin Trail are far from tourist spots. Instead, they are local Lake Charles restaurants, butchers and even truck stops, each stop serving its unique take on boudin. The Sausage Link is a worthy stop on the Boudin Trail. House-made boudin can be eaten mild, spicy, smoked or fried.

Warning — the crispy boudin balls may be addictive. Although boudin is typically made with pork, rice, green peppers and seasonings, every spot on the Boudin Trail makes boudin differently. Some add liver. Some stuff the casings with other proteins like alligator and shrimp.

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Some smoke the boudin, while others fry the boudin into crispy fried balls. In an ideal world, there would be time to hit all 27 stops to sample every type of boudin. On this trip, though, I only had time for two stops. Here you can see the hot boudin, the smoked boudin and the fried boudin balls. My first stop was at the Sausage Link , a local eatery helmed by boudin master Matthew Fruge. Right behind the glass windows in the shop, Fruge butchers the meat and makes his boudin with pork, rice, natural hog casings, fresh vegetables and other local ingredients.

Hot cracklins are for sale by the cash register, providing an added treat to enjoy on the ride to the next stop. Under Daigle, making the boudin is a hour process.

After the Bayou Rum is distilled, it rests in American fresh white oak barrels before it is bottled. The char from the barrels gives the rum its oaky taste. Rum is a staple of the region, which is no surprise considering the proximity to sugar cane. Louisiana Spirits Distillery is distilling their relatively new Bayou Rum in a state-of-the-art facility.

Even better, the craft distillery offers free tours every day except Sunday from a. The tasting at the end of the tour is a great opportunity to experience Bayou Rum first hand. During the tasting, you can compare and contrast the Silver rum from the barrel-aged Select rum. You can also sip the flavorful Spiced rum and the fragrantly orange Satsuma rum.

Top 9 Free Things in Lake Charles

Or better yet, you can taste a Bayou Bullfrog cocktail made with Silver rum and lemonade. Without a doubt, if you love rum, then Bayou Rum is one of the best places to go in Lake Charles. Pro Tip : People under 21 years of age can attend the tour; however, they cannot participate in the rum tasting. Due to the age restriction, this rum tasting is one of the most fun things to do in Lake Charles for adults. Seventy-five festivals take place in Lake Charles each year, earning the nickname of Festival Capital of Louisiana for the city.

Of course, I had to attend one when I was in town. With so many Lake Charles events happening each year, it was not hard to find one that tickled my fancy. Filled with mostly locals and a few tourists, this festival has it all from frozen daiquiris to Cajun food to local art vendors.